Beaches of Florianópolis

Northern Beaches of the Island for you to know

Calm or hype? Calm or agitated sea? Giant or modest sand strip? One of the positive points of being in the middle of the beaches of the North of the Island, in Florianópolis, is the possibility of easily experiencing each of these experiences, after all, it takes a few minutes of displacement between one place and another. 

If you are scheduling a tour of the beaches of the North of the Island, we separate nine main locations that are among the favorites of tourists. 

English Beach

To finish the list of main beaches in the North of the Island is Praia dos Ingleses, one of the best known in Florianópolis, mainly because the region looks more like a city. It is one of the places with the most complete infrastructure in relation to commercial establishments and tourist programs. 

To get an idea, there are activities available for the most varied ages and styles – surfing, diving, boat trips, kayaking, as well as sandboarding in the dunes that are between Ponta dos Ingleses and Praia do Santinho. 

Distance from Canasvieiras: 10 km

Daniela Beach

Here are one of the places that both tourists with children and local families like to visit: Daniela beach, about 2 miles long. The Sea of Daniela is typically quiet and very much resembles a swimming pool with greenish and warm water. Excellent option for playing and relaxing enjoying a sea bath. 

Another positive point is that on site there is the presence of many trees to make shade, a well differentiated feature compared to other beaches. 

Distance from Canasvieiras: 11 km

Santo Antônio de Lisboa Beach

If what matters to you is to be in a beautiful place in the midst of haute cuisine, Santo Antônio de Lisboa meets this desire very well. The region is known for its distinctive natural beauty and for concentrating restaurants offering a wide range of seafood-based dishes. 

The beach of Santo Antônio de Lisboa is not usually used for bathing. However, from the small strip of sand it is possible to be enchanted by the view of the North Bay and the Hercílio Luz bridge. Another program worth including in the script is watching the sunset show right there from the beach. 

Extra tip: take the opportunity to know the Church of Our Lady of Needs, built between 1750 and 1756. It is open daily from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, with free admission.

Distance from Canasvieiras: 18 km

Bom Jesus Waterfall Beach

Calm sea, no waves, clear water and little intensity of tourists. These features define well the scenery you will find when you reach the beach Cachoeira do Bom Jesus. The place is perfect for those who like to walk quietly in the sand, read a book or take a nap listening to the sound of the sea. 

Extra tip: on site there are not many kiosks, so it is worth being equipped with drinks and food if you decide to spend a few hours there. Just remember to collect the garbage you produce during the day! 

Distance from Canasvieiras: 3 km

Jurerê International Beach

Jurerê Internacional beach is among the most famous in Florianópolis. Located in one of the noblest regions of the Capital, it is one of the hottest destinations in summer in Brazil, as there are beach clubs scattered around the site. 

Another highlight is the various mansions everywhere. Even, one of the tourists’ programs includes taking a tour of the streets of Jurerê Internacional. 

In relation to the beach, the sand strip is median (in high season is usually well crowded), the sea is known for calm waters and pleasant temperature. 

Distance from Canasvieiras: 13 km

Forte Beach

Between Jurerê Internacional and Daniela Beach is Praia do Forte. One of the main features of it is the huge strip of sand, which can reach 45 meters. It’s also quite common to see cars parked there. 

The water is clear and the temperature very cozy, as well as most of the beaches of the North of the Island. It is possible to enter the sea up to about 200 meters from the beach and still keep your feet within reach of the seabed.

Distance from Canasvieiras: 8 km

Ponta das Canas Beach

Another wonderful option between the beaches of the North of the Island is Ponta das Canas. The place still owns a traditional fishing colony, which gives even more charm to the region. Known for security and tranquility, the centrinho de Ponta das Canas is small, concentrating only two blocks. 

Distance from Canasvieiras: 7 km

Brava Beach

The open and rough sea lives up to the name Praia Brava, one of the favorite places for those who like to catch good waves. It is not by chance that it is one of the hottest spots and frequented by surfers in the summer of Florianópolis. 

The beach is approximately 1.5 km long and the most amazing: there are areas where the sand strip reaches 50 meters wide. A stimulus to play frescobol, walk, run or simply sit down to admire the sea. 

Distance from Canasvieiras: 8 km

Lagoinha do Norte Beach

For those who like beaches that give the feeling of being in the middle of a swimming pool, Lagoinha do Norte is perfect. The calm sea, unwaverous and with almost hot water arouse the attention of families. It’s the perfect place to be with kids. 

Moreover, unlike much of the beaches of the North of the Island, the Region of Lagoinha do Norte is quite quiet, with little excitement (even in high season). 

For those who want to visit the place, it is worth taking advantage to make the Trail of Morro do Rapa, with 2,800 meters long. Along the route the trillioners come across the stone lookout, where you can see much of the continental region and nearby beaches.

Distance from Canasvieiras: 8 km